Dental Technology

The world we live in has made wonderful advances in dental technology. We believe in offering the best of that technology to our patients. Our facilities are equipped with computer monitors in each room. We also have oral cancer screenings and x-rays available for you and your family.

Preventing disease means that you spend less money on resolving serious dental issues later. It is also far more rewarding to know that you have kept good oral health than to experience the stress of oral health issues. Through proper nutrition, good habits, and regular professional care, you can achieve and maintain good health for a lifetime of smiles.

Let Dogwood Dental help you prevent oral health issues with our dental technology.

What Are Oral Cancer Screenings?

The primary goal of our dental facility is to practice preventative dental care. Oral cancer screenings are a painless procedure that we use to check for early signs of cancer in the mouth.

The earlier we identify the cancer or the potential for cancer, the better it can be treated. If treated early on, the likelihood that you’ll experience lasting effects will be lessened dramatically.

We’ve made it our primary focus to proactively treat you and your family for oral health issues, which is why oral cancer screenings are a routine part of our dental health checkups and procedures.

What Are Digital X-Rays?

Digital x-rays are another routine procedure we implement at Dogwood Dental. We have technology that allows us to take pictures of patients’ teeth from all angles, including from inside the teeth.

The most exciting feature of digital x-rays is that they are lower in radiation than traditional x-rays. Lower levels of radiation make these x-rays safer for both patients and staff!

Sometimes there are problems with your teeth that we won’t be able to see or address through a simple visual exam. A digital x-ray image lets us see what is going on with your teeth on a deeper level. In keeping with our preventative goals, we recommend patients get digital x-rays along with their regular teeth cleanings and checkups.

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