Teeth Whitening

Achieving your best smile is important. We want to help you get that smile. Establishing good oral health habits is the first step in the process. Once you’ve done that, you are well on your way. What if your teeth— for all the brushing and flossing you do— still aren’t very white?

Tooth staining occurs naturally over time. Depending on what you eat and drink, your staining may not be removable with simple brushing and mouthwash. That’s where teeth whitening can help you. We offer Zoom! Teeth Whitening at Dogwood Dental. It’s sure to brighten your day!

What Is Zoom! Teeth Whitening?

Want to transform your smile in just a few treatments?  Zoom! Teeth Whitening systems work faster than other methods and help your teeth look their very best. This is a safe, effective and fast treatment that can only be performed by a dental professional.

There are several well-known ways to whiten teeth. These methods fall into two categories: in-office or out-of-office.

Some dental offices offer dental whitening trays with whitening gel for you to take home and use on your own time, which is convenient but may not be as effective.

You can also purchase the whitening strips from retail stores. Some of these methods can impact gum sensitivity. These methods can also be far less effective because they do not use a professional-grade formula for whitening.

Zoom! Teeth Whitening has been proven time and time again to work quickly and effectively. This is an in-office treatment that we perform at Dogwood Dental because we want you to have healthy teeth that look great!

Whiten Your Smile at Dogwood Dental!

So if you’ve been thinking about getting your teeth whitening but haven’t been sure where to start, give us a call today! We’d be more than happy to set up an appointment for a consultation. Zoom! Teeth Whitening systems could just be what you need to get your whitest smile yet.