Root Canals

Root canals have long had a bad reputation, but the treatment is neither dangerous nor scary. The negative reputation of root canals are due to the pain that comes long before the actual procedure. Once you’ve undergone root canal therapy, that severe pain won’t be a problem any longer.

Thanks to the experience and technology available here at Dogwood Dental, most root canal procedures can be completed in-office without a referral to a specialist.

What Is Root Canal Therapy?

Endodontic therapy, which is another term for root canal, is recommended if the nerve of your tooth dies and becomes infected. After the root has died, a buildup of bacteria can form around the dead nerve. This is what causes the pain of an infection.

Don’t put off coming in to see us at Dogwood Dental if you feel any sort of pain in a tooth. The longer you wait to get something checked out, the worse it could get.

The infectious buildup can put pressure on the part of the tooth known as the periodontal membrane. This is where the immense pain comes from.

What Does Root Canal Therapy Entail?

To preserve the tooth and take away the pain, root canal therapy starts inside the tooth. During this treatment, the nerve (also known as the pulp) is removed. The canals of the teeth are sealed. This allows the tooth and surrounding tissues to heal from the infection and prevents another infection.

If left untreated, an infection in the tooth’s canal can spread to other teeth. Before root canal therapy was created, infected teeth would simply be pulled out. Today we are able to save teeth and preserve smiles thanks to root canal therapy.

After the root has been cleaned and the chamber has been sealed, we’ll cap your tooth and sterilize it to prevent further problems. You’ll get to keep your smile and your tooth intact!

Let Us Relieve Your Severe Tooth Pain!

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